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Winter has really kicked in! Snow has become a familiar companion along with frigid temperatures. Icy roadways and walkways, plus yearnings for hot chocolate and the likes, soups, stews, and more down time all add up to a natural longing to get cozy.

Embracing our inherent desire to get cozy can help offset some of the challenges we encounter this time of year. A bit of a surrender to what our body is asking of us can actually help us thrive during this season.

Think of it as nature’s calling for us to rest and nurture ourselves, to rejuvenate in order to be our best selves.

Often, we push through our daily life with goals in mind. We get busy and keep pushing forward. This can be very rewarding in life and is very important. However, there are times in life when the opposing urges would be advantageous for us to follow. This can be hard especially if we are not used to slowing down and nurturing ourselves.

Pay attention to how you are feeling and what thoughts come to mind. Take some time to rest, cuddle with a blanket, sit in front of a fire and or joyfully sip a rich, warm drink that you love. Slow down for an afternoon just for your own sake, because it is good for you.