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Answer the following questions:

-What is important to you?
-What do you spend your day focusing on?
-Where do you spend your time and energy?
-Where do your thoughts and feelings often take you?

Focus can make us and it can break us as well.

Answering these simple questions can help us learn to more effectively use our ability to focus in our daily lives. Basically, when we spend much of our time focusing on what we really don’t want and on how we don’t want to feel, we likely are not very happy.

-What is important to you?
-How do you want to spend your day?
-Where do you want to expend your energy and time?
-How do you prefer to feel?
-What kind of thoughts will make you feel empowered in your daily life?

Answer these last 5 questions and focus on making your desired answers occur each day. Create some Focus Pocus! Focus on what you prefer your life to be. Be mindful of your thoughts and where they take you. Redirect your focus when it isn’t what you really want for yourself. Focus on what makes you happy.

BTW, at The Toothery, we focus on what is best for you. Let us work some focus pocus on that smile of yours.