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You avoid dental visits, and you think that you have good reason to. Not so! We are going to dispel some myths for you. The Toothery is NOT what you think it is.

Five Myths Dispelled:

1) As soon as I walk through the door, I will feel the need to leave.

Not so, we have a spa-like vibe and you will know it as soon as you walk through the front door. Waterfall, beautiful decor, coffee bar, big screen TVs, peaceful ambiance, and more.

You will likely hear laughter too. Dr. Jess enjoys her work! It is infectious.

2) It has been a while since I went to the dentist, and you are going to make me feel guilty.

Quite the contrary, our goal is to make you feel pleased that you came. We will support you! We don’t care if it has been years.

3) I fear the dentist.

We will do all that we can to make you feel relaxed. Our warm and friendly staff will tend to your needs. Plus, The Toothery has comfort dogs that can sit on your lap during your visit. They are amazing, furry friends that put adults and children at ease.

In addition, Dr. Jess doesn’t want you to experience pain and she will take the appropriate steps to ensure your treatment is comfortable.

4) The cost will be prohibitive.

We will do our best to put together a treatment plan to work within your budget. We offer special membership plans that can lower expenses for those without dental insurance as well. Also, we can give you information about Care Credit so you can move forward with your treatment plan by utilizing credit specifically for dental treatments. Some plans charge zero interest.

5) I will feel like just another patient, no personal touch.

Ah, no way. Dr. Jess has an exceptional chair-side manner! You will definitely know that you are important to her. She really cares! So does her staff. You may even start looking forward to your dental visits.

Pick up the phone and make that call. You will be glad that you did! Your oral health matters so hop to it!