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The concept of family has gone through many transformations and renovations over the years. We have personally witnessed many of these changes. As you know, individual families go through many changes too. Some changes are welcomed and others are more of a challenge.

Families have all different types of dynamics, strengths and weaknesses. They can be complex and complicated at times. Some families have more of a flow and ease about them. In the end, the most valuable component of a family is love. Support, empathy, nurturing, respect, and connection contribute to the loving aspect of a family. This is something that most people realize and hopefully experience.

Relatives are not the only people that can make up a person’s family. Often dear friends become part of a person’s “extended” family. Their chosen family. People can develop a family within their work or school environment, in churches and in social groups too. People find family in support groups as well.

We often find family in more places than our homes and beyond our blood relatives. Finding those who support us, have empathy for us, and give us nurturing and respect are people we should connect with and consider as part of our extended family.

Finding the right people to form connections with and spend our precious time with is a worthwhile investment. Ultimately, seeing family as an expansive unit can embolden us. It can fuel and inspire us.

We all need a big, loving family! The bigger, the better. Our family can involve many. We can connect and embrace loved ones in many areas of our lives. Maybe you have some family in your midst that you don’t realize you can embrace and appreciate. Maybe you can count on support and love from other sources. Maybe you have some additional family to discover.

Who is part of your family?

We have a big Toothery family! We have a warm and wonderful staff in addition to our furry friends. We consider our patients to be part of our Toothery family too.