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What we expect, we see.

As you likely know, our expectations, good or bad have a big influence on what happens in our lives. Perhaps due to many things such as, we tend to take the appropriate actions to match our expectations, we tend to notice what validates our expectations, and we dull our senses to what contradicts our expectations.

Much of this may in part be due to our biology. Our brain looks for patterns, similarities, and filters out what doesn’t seem to matter, automatically and swiftly too. Our brain pulls from what it knows from the past to understand what it is going on now. Pretty amazing stuff!

Working with our biology, knowing that we often operate automatically and that our expectations have a big impact on us, we can use it to our advantage. Expect a miracle! See the miracles in your life.

Appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, the gorgeous sky, the trees, flowers, and animals. Notice their rich colors, patterns, and textures. Let sound have an extraordinary effect on you as you listen to the birds, wind, rain, music or laughter nearby. Fully realize how extraordinary it is to be alive and sense fully what is in your environment. Think of the people in your life (the one’s that make you happy) and the joy that they bring to you.

For just a little bit, forget about your troubles and see miracles instead. Look for them, expect them. Feel them, sense them, and savor them. When the good sensations subside and the pressures of life return, let them go…look for the miracles in your life, feel them, sense them, and savor them.

Keep the good vibes going as long as you can. Forget your troubles and let go of the pressures of life. Expect a miracle. Little ones, big ones, all kinds of miracles.