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It is no surprise to any of us that we may limit what we do in our lives. We may narrow down our options and choices even though we may not have to. In other words, we often live in a box.

Perhaps we don’t fully understand exactly how we limit ourselves or why. As humans, we are often very happy (sometimes not) to live life in a habitual manner. We see the same options each day to pick from and tend to react to life as we did the day before.

This is not a negative necessarily and it can work just beautifully for many people. However, we may inadvertently keep ourselves from something we would really enjoy or appreciate in life. It could be something little like a new and delicious ice cream flavor, or bigger, like a career that would satisfy us…or even a stolen moment here and there that would allow us to feel amazing.

Expansion, looking at our options with a different view, a more open perspective with many possibilities can be very liberating; stepping out of our box and doing life/things differently. Noticing what we are choosing and trying something new, even if it is something as simple as a new ice cream flavor.

Life is an expression of our minds and how we view the world. Today, take on an expansive view and find out how you can choose differently and be pleasantly surprised. Look at the situations in your life with a “what if I did this instead mentality” and imagine what could be.

Great inventions, art, music, etc. all came into being because their creators looked beyond the box. You too can do it in your own way. What can you do to expand? How can you go beyond your own limitations?


Dr. Jess decided 5 years ago that she was going to create a dental practice that was unique, not scary, and very warm and inviting. It was a leap of faith do doubt, beyond the typical. She had to go beyond the norm and take some chances. Now she has a thriving practice and her patients are grateful she did it! Come to The Toothery and see how dentistry can be! The Toothery is out of the box, making people enjoy seeing the dentist.