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You are exceptional and so is our dental practice! You deserve the very best and we will give you our best! The Toothery is far from a typical dental office. Dr. Jessica Bertoglio made sure of this when she established The Toothery in Hoffman Estates. Her goal is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

The entire Toothery team wants you to be comfortable, happy, satisfied and healthy. Your oral health is critically important to you and to us as well. Dr. Jess and her staff use cutting edge technology and stay current with new education, trainings and trends.

Dr. Jess is passionate about dentistry—she loves her job! Her patients are well aware of this because it shows in everything she does, from how she compassionately cares for her patients to how she goes out of her way to make everyone feel important and at ease.

Each patient is tremendously special to us and we will work with you to create a treatment plan that suites your individual needs. If dentistry is scary and unpleasant to you, we will make sure you are comfortable and more at ease. We will give you the attention you deserve and need to feel better while in our care. We have Netflix and comfort dogs to help your visit be more pleasant, too.

Everyone at The Toothery wants you to have a positive experience. At The Toothery, we are proving dentistry can be exceptional!