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“Dr. Bertoglio will exceed your expectations. She is professional, meticulous, detailed and honest. She will go the extra mile for you. She is one of the most caring dentists you will ever meet and her work is exceptional.”

̶ A review from one of our patients. Thank you, Heather!

Dr. Jessica Bertoglio, also known as Dr. Jess, is very appreciative of Heather’s kind words. And to be honest, Dr. Jess, the humble woman that she is, doesn’t always realize how much she does for her patients.

Now don’t get me wrong, Dr. Jess strives to give her patients her best. She cares deeply about them and will do whatever she can to help them. Integrity is of great importance to her, and empathy and compassion are embraced by her with ease. Dr. Jess also stays abreast of the latest trends and technology in dentistry through education and training programs. She prides herself on using cutting-edge technology and keeps her staff properly trained.

In addition, you will hear her laugh quite a bit. This is not a job to her, it is a calling that she fully enjoys. Laughter is often heard throughout the office softening and setting the tone for a more enjoyable experience indeed.

Many people truly enjoy coming to The Toothery because of her. Absolutely, the office looks great and feels great, the staff makes everyone feel welcome and cared for too, however, it all begins at the top.

It begins with Dr. Jess…

She is ultimately the reason why people come to The Toothery and enjoy coming back. A high standard of practice was established by her both professionally and on an interpersonal level.

Dr. Jess is not your typical dentist. She is so much more and you will know it when you come in for your appointment. You will feel good in her care. That is what she does quite naturally. That is who she is and how she lives her life.

The Toothery is much more than a dental office. It is a reflection of a pretty amazing woman that is exceeding expectations. ❤