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Did you know, if you have traumatic tooth loss, your cheeks can appear sunken in, and you could lose bone structure? Having teeth can help you talk properly and chew correctly, which is why it’s essential to restore your teeth when they are lost. Our dentist, Dr. Bertoglio with The Toothery in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, understands the importance of dentures and is thrilled to share this information on how they may be able to help you.

Here is a list of how dentures can be a great choice for smile restorations:

– Dentures are customizable and can easily be designed and crafted for your individual dental profile.
– To avoid dental abrasion, avoid using abrasive products on your dentures.
– Your dentures will need to be removed on a daily basis for easy cleaning with a denture solution.
– If you remove your dentures for cleaning, never leave them sitting out.
– Missing teeth can cause a disruption in bite stability. Dentures can help restore your proper bite force.
– Dentures are known for their durability and can easily be replaced by your dentist as needed.
– Dentures can restore your dental profile and reinvigorate your eating and speaking skills.

If you have questions about dentures and wonder if they are the best option for you, then please call us today at 847-893-9099 to schedule an appointment. Our team is highly trained to assist you with your questions and help you restore your smile.