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Do you tend to neglect yourself, your self-care? Are you overdue for your regular dental exam too?

Many people do not take good care of themselves. Many people also put off going to the dentist as well. It is typically recommended that people have their teeth and gums checked every 6 months. At The Toothery, we understand that some people fear going to the dentist. Also, we know that people often put it off and make other things a priority in life.

Although it is understandable, ultimately, it is not good for our oral health. If we neglect our teeth and gums, we may develop more serious issues that may eventually lead to gum disease and the loss of our teeth. Neither one of these is desirable to any of us, right? Wouldn’t you like to keep all your teeth and avoid gum disease? Of course you would!

The truth, this will not happen unless you take the steps to do so; it will happen because you took action to take care of yourself. Today, start a good habit for yourself. Make the appointment you have been putting off. The time is now.

Give yourself some loving. You are worth it. It will be easier than you think. Those of you who fear or hate going to the dentist, we will do everything we can to make it a comfortable, more pleasant experience. We will cater to you in every way that we can. Take your self-care seriously, make an appointment, and we will handle the dentistry portion and put you at ease.