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First of all, knowledge, education, and expertise is a top priority. In order to help people as much as possible in the dental field, we need the knowledge to do so. Expertise and experience are critical too. It is obvious that people want a practitioner that knows how to provide a proper treatment plan, safely and effectively. As professionals, accurately diagnosing issues and keeping patients healthy is of utmost importance.

Second, as professionals, integrity, compassion, and empathy are a necessity. We are in the field to do our best to be of service to others. It is about what we can do for you to maintain your oral health. We genuinely care. We take responsibility for all aspects of our patients’ experiences. You are a whole person to us. You have depth and connecting with you on that level matters a great deal.

As you know, there is a financial component. We are here to help make the treatment you require possible in whatever context in can be done. We work with our patients to find the best path financially to make good oral health a reality for our patients. We take many types of insurance plans and will help you with the process. We have other financial options available for those who would like them.

Through all of it, from knowledge and expertise, to integrity and compassion, to financial needs, we are dedicated to you. All facets of your interactions with our office are done with you in mind. Dentistry is much more than cleanings, composites, and root canals. Dentistry involves patients, people like you who are entrusting a doctor and their staff to fulfill their oral health needs. We want you to have a pleasant experience. We want you to get what you need and much, much more.

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