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With all the headlines and social media posts out there about flossing not being beneficial we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give you a challenge! Ready….drum roll…..

Your challenge is this: for the next four weeks floss once each day.

We know what you are thinking. Media says we don’t have to floss! You would rather be cleaning toilets than flossing your teeth. Our hope is that by flossing daily and removing the bacteria, plaque and debris that accumulates between your teeth (and under your gums), you will see first-hand what we see. Regardless what studies show, what the headlines scream and what social media posts, flossing works.

Pay attention to the condition of your current gingival health. Is there any bleeding with initial flossing? Be aware of any tenderness, swelling or bad breath, these are all signs of gum disease (gingivitis). Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum tissue infection and can lead to periodontal disease, a condition which can cause loss of teeth due to infection of bone that holds the teeth in place. Proper brushing and FLOSSING can reverse gingivitis and keep periodontal disease under control.

The reason this discussion surfaced is because in the last year the Associated Press asked the Federal government for the scientific studies showing the benefit of flossing. The government could not show those studies because very few have been done. There are several short term (6-9 month) studies which don’t statistically prove the benefit. Long long term studies need to be done. However, it is difficult to run a study on subjects tracking their flossing habits for 20+ years and have them change NOTHING in their health or habits.

What we know as dental professionals is what we witness in our patients everyday. When we convert a non-flosser to a flosser we see less bleeding and swelling in the gum tissue, less plaque and food debris between teeth, and fewer cavities between teeth. In conjunction with regular cleanings to remove hard tartar build up and regular oral hygiene instruction, we see patients completely turn their gingival health from poor to healthy and beautiful.

We do request that you watch our video on the proper technique of flossing. Using the correct technique will make a huge difference. Pulling the floss tight against the side of the tooth forming a C- shape and rubbing up and down 4-5 times on each side is all it takes.

Our hope is that you will see healthier gums, minimal bleeding, less tartar build up, less decay and fresher breath. What you may not see from flossing is the systemic connection to improved health. Cardiovascular, respiratory, auto immune diseases, even some cancers have been related to oral health. Try it for yourself, let’s see what happens. We want the best for our patients , so try it….WE CHALLENGE YOU!