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Sometimes we forget how much we affect one another. As you well know, people experience many different types of moods, just as you and me. Some moods are wonderful and others are not so wonderful.

I want to propose an idea, an action for you to take today. This is just for today. Don’t think about anything other than doing this just for today.

Think about what impact you would have on others if you greeted them with a cheerful smile. If you gave a few people a complement from the heart. If you spoke kindly to everyone you met. Obviously, it would have a positive impact on others and you as well.

Today, put any foul mood aside, any unpleasantness or worrisome thoughts, and proactively be cheerful throughout your day. Think about what makes you feel light and happy, loved and uplifted. Keep the good feelings going all day long and express those feelings to others. Make a game of it and see how much you can effect another person in a positive way.

Be creative and surprise someone. Maybe even someone you don’t even know. Be cheerful and pass it on!

Tomorrow morning think about how you felt today, being a positive force and impacting others. You can do what you wish, but you may want to do tomorrow as you did today. Why not?