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You likely know who you are. But maybe not?

You do a fabulous job making sure that everyone is happy. You keep others on track and help them tend to their well-being. You go out of your way to listen to other people’s problems and help them find answers to solve them. You do it because you care, and it is important to you. You are after all, a loving and generous person.

Unfortunately, what we give so selflessly to others, we may not do for ourselves. Now, if you give to yourself and include self-care on your agenda, kudos to you. Pass this post along to someone who needs to learn what you have learned.

Being a good caretaker of others does not necessarily lend itself to being a good caretaker of ourselves. There are many reasons that this happens, and a lot of it is done without fully realizing it. We mean well, however, we may fail at helping ourselves. We neglect ourselves all the while being supportive to others.

Ugh…the formula of giving a great deal to others and little if any to ourselves, equals some pleasantries in life, and possibly many for some. It creates disharmony, imbalance and some degree of suffering to the one who gives to everyone but themselves.

This can be a hard concept to understand by those who tend to neglect themselves. For many, it is a habit, and possibly, it has gone unnoticed. In other words, we may not even realize that we are neglecting ourselves.

How can you tell? It is usually pretty simple. Answer the following questions honestly.

-How do you feel emotionally and physically?

-Do you take time to do what is good for you?

-Do you have interests outside of caring for others?

-What are you passionate about and are you allowing yourself to experience your passions?

The answers will tell you if you need to spend some time taking care of yourself. If you have forgotten to foster your own development. The bottom line, you matter. And, we all should live as if we do.