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Have we been in touch with you lately to set up an appointment and missed you? Are you do for an exam and cleaning? Are you ready to start taking better care of your teeth and gums?

We are ready for you. Let’s get it done! The new year has begun and for many, insurance funds are now available for 2019 dental procedures. Don’t put if off. Just pick up the phone and make the call.

Life does get too busy for most of us, but our health should not suffer because of it. Oral health is critical to our overall well-being. Besides all that, it will mean another item off your to do list. One less thing to think about and stress over. Often, all that we really need to do is make the appointment.

I’ve put off making doctor appointments in the past and then before I knew it, I was 4 months behind. If I would have just made the appointment sooner, I would have stayed on track. I’ve decided it is best for me to make appointments sooner, rather than later. Plus, calling well in advanced of your due date gives you more time and day options that may fit in better with your busy schedule. As you know, waiting to the ninth hour may mean a month wait.

The solution is simple; plan ahead, don’t put it off. A call is all it takes! A text or email works too.

We look forward to seeing you!

Side note: Something new for us in 2019, we have weighted blankets to help patients feel calmer when having their dental work done. Another reason to come on in.