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Finally, summer feels like it has officially arrived! As you know, we have experienced an excessive number of gloomy days for quite a while. As matter of fact, too many!

As much as we may try to not be influenced by gloomy days, it seems like we are, right?

Perhaps it is most noticeable when the sun does finally make its way into our skies. It is a rather glorious sensation. It is inherently uplifting. Most everyone is influenced positively by a sunny day. It feels good, almost joyful, playful, and pleasing.

Fortunately, when the weather is uncooperative, we can help balance our mood with other things, such as uplifting activities, adjusting our attitude, etc. Yes, the sun can instantly uplift us, however, we can do something to help ourselves feel better too.

Ultimately, we can create a bit o’sunshine one way or another from within ourselves. First of all, we need to decide that we are going to feel better…this may be the most important step. Intending to feel better is what enables it to occur! Sometimes it is just a matter of taking conscious control and taking action to feel good. It could be as simple as changing our focus. Often that is all that is required.

We forget sometimes that we are ultimately in charge of our reactions and actions in our daily life. Habits unfortunately may rule our day, not-so-good habits. We do have the ability to let the sunshine from within us and feel better.

The Toothery would like to make your next dental visit a pleasing one…a sunnier one. Your comfort and happiness matter to us. Let us take the gloom out of dentistry. We will add a bit o’sunshine to your visit!