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Often in life, we settle.

We may not always mean to, but we do…

-Sometimes we tend to get used to what life is like and decide that making changes is not necessary, even when we can make life better.

-And sometimes, it may have never really occurred to us that we could do things differently or make improvements.

-Of course, there are also times when we simply brush good ideas aside thinking it is not possible to achieve more for ourselves.

Today is the perfect day to think about what we could do within our lives to make improvements, to discover something(s) we can do to enhance our life. It could be little and rather insignificant things, or big and significant things.

If you were looking for “better” in your life, what would that look like? How would this “better” positively impact your life?

Better does not mean that our current life is insufficient or that we are unhappy. Better means growth and an opportunity for more. More happiness, peace, ease, fun and whatever you’d like.

Age makes no difference, young, old, or in-between, nothing does except for the desire to experience something richer in life.

Look around you and see how you can have more for yourself. Open up to better!

FYI, we like better too! Dr. Jess decided a long time ago that she wanted people to have a better dental experience, the best possible one! Find better for yourself even at the dentist!