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We invite you to be our guest!

A dentist office may not seem like a place for gathering or hosting, but we see it that way. The Toothery certainly is not a typical dental practice. Our patients will tell you how special The Toothery is and why they love it here. Here are some reviews at

Dr. Jess wanted to create a unique experience for her patients. She wanted them to feel welcomed and cared for, and to know they were in trustworthy and capable hands.

The Toothery has the look and feel of a beautiful spa, complete with state-of-the-art dental technology. It is calming and soothing. A waterfall graces the wall of the reception area. Dr. Jess wanted her patients to enjoy coming to the dentist and designed the interiors to reflect what she envisioned. She wanted people to feel like guests as well.

The Toothery has a coffee bar which includes tea and hot chocolate options, too. A big screen TV is in the waiting area and TVs are in all the treatment areas. Netflix enables endless viewing options. You can watch your favorite show while getting your dental work done. Cartoons, comedies, you name it!

Something even more outstanding at The Toothery is our comfort dogs. Yes, you can have an adorable, furry friend lie on your lap while you are here. Cole, Hazel and Quinn would be happy to be your buddy while you are having your dental work completed. They are specially trained and, for those who enjoy dogs, what could be more incredible? They turn fearful faces into joyful grins. They have turned tears to excitement too!

We want our guests to be comfortable, to be at ease and happy. We will go out of our way to satisfy all your needs. We want you to feel good about coming here and come back for more! Let us put our service to the test, we invite you to be our guest!