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Anyone can be intentional with their lives. It is not a matter if you can. Rather, it is a matter of will you?

Be intentional signifies taking the lead, making what you want happen, being conscious and purposeful. To be intentional is empowering as well.

Often in our lives, we settle for what comes our way each day. We forget that we have the ability to enact change within our daily lives to make improvements. We may not realize that it is within our reach to transform aspects of our lives, including our wellbeing, various circumstances within our lives, our feelings, thoughts, and actions.

One could say, we are unintentionally unintentional. At times, it may be due to a lack of faith in ourselves. Also, routines tend to get comfortable and can easily become a way of life. Plus, if things are going okay, we may not entertain the idea of making life easier or better for ourselves.

The good news is that we can make improvements in many areas of our lives. Take some time to assess what you would like more of in your life. What you would like less of too. Next, be conscious and purposeful to add or lessen what is appropriate for you.

Much good will surely result from being intentional. It truly is a matter of decision and taking the time to be intentional. Isn’t it time to get more of what you really want for yourself? Well then, be intentional!