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When do you bring your baby to the dentist?

Once your baby’s first tooth appears, or by time your baby turns one year if no tooth has erupted. We want to make sure all is well with your baby’s oral health. It is important to make sure that your baby has healthy teeth even if it is just one. A baby can develop cavities. Being proactive is essential. We understand that babies will have a hard time sitting still and may not be cooperative. No worries, we will be supportive and maneuver the situation with tender care.

As your dental provider, it is our goal to ensure your child’s oral health now and for the future. It is beneficial to start getting your baby accustomed to seeing a dentist. Often that is what the first few appointments mainly address. We see very young children and babies regularly.

What to expect during your visit at The Toothery.

The hygienist will look in your baby’s mouth and clean his or her teeth. Dr. Jess will also do a thorough exam. You can ask any questions and bring up your concerns. We are here to help you and your baby in any way that we can. Educating parents and patients is very important to us. Get your baby off to a great start so his or her teeth will last a lifetime! It is a quick visit, but an important one. We look forward to seeing you and meeting your precious baby!

Plus, here’s a blog post from the ADA about how to clean your child’s teeth…