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As the bustling and joyous holiday season begins to wind down, people can feel a wide range of emotions. Many people feel relieved, content or satisfied. While many others may feel a sense of letdown, a slight emptiness, a bit of a void. The slowing down of everything can leave us with some open space which may feel uncomfortable.

All the gatherings, parties, family, friends, shopping, cooking, planning and preparing comes to a halt. A rather abrupt one comes January 2nd or so. This, combined with winter weather, often is not what we long to experience. Many people almost dread this time of year.

Dreading the next few months surly opposes what each of us would rather experience. Right? Let’s make an exception this year and embrace it in a new way. Take on the view that all is calm, all is bright.

Here are some suggestions to embrace the winter ahead:

-Appreciate the calm, rest, relax, read a book, get warm and cozy with blankets, a fire, candles, warm foods and drinks.

-Settle into the season by nurturing yourself with good self-care, massage, naps, a visit to the dentist (hey we had to put this one), a haircut, etc.

-Do some things that you enjoy. Really, what could better divert the dread than doing something that you enjoy?

-Change your attitude about this time of year. Stop reinforcing thoughts and feelings that make you feel bad. Create good thoughts, better thoughts, and ones that feel good. Attitude creates reality. Use it to your advantage!

All is calm, all is bright; how will you experience this sentiment and feel good?

P.S. Don’t forget your dental visit.

The Toothery will keep you calm and make your smile bright!