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Take a moment to review the statements below:

  • If we spent more time worrying, we would fix all the problems in our life.
  • Spending more time doing things we hate is a good idea.
  • Judging more harshly will make other people do better.
  • Being hard on ourselves will make us better people.
  • Focusing on the negative is helpful.
  • Pushing and forcing will make everything workout.
  • Thinking about a problem or issue, especially when lying in bed, will solve it.
  • Avoiding and procrastinating eventually gets the job done.
  • Power struggles lead to good results.
  • Compromise is weakness.

Hopefully, you are pretty much in disagreement with these statements. They are a bit funny and absurd, however, we often engage in these activities. Our brains want to solve issues, make the world a better place and, of course, we are human and we have our weaknesses.

We may feel that we can justify our actions, but if we are feeling discomfort, perhaps a change in mindset will make us feel much better.

Here’s a challenge for you, read over the above list a few times this week and seriously consider changing your mindset whenever you can to feel better. What you will likely find is that you can step out of the absurd and feel much better instead.

Ultimately, peace and surrender are a better option! You deserve a better night’s sleep and a peaceful mind!