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Tooth decay has the unfortunate ability to spread throughout and within a tooth. If you procrastinate professional dental treatment, the tooth could suffer very serious complications.

As time goes on, the bacterial decay can compromise so much of the dental structure that the tooth becomes vulnerable to fracture. In a situation like this, the tooth may be treated with a root canal and a dental crown.

If the tooth is severely fractured or a dangerous abscess infection develops in the gums, your dentist might recommend a total extraction.

Once your gums have fully healed, your dentist can then start the process of restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental implant.

The process of a dental implant involves placing a titanium dental abutment into the bone structure beneath the void. In time, it will naturally bond with the living tissues to fully replicate the original root of the tooth. Once this occurs, your dentist can fit the abutment for a standard dental crown.

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