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There are always at least two ways to look at a situation. There are always things that we can pick apart, express dissatisfaction about, give our opposing view on, right? Or, we can use the glass is half full scenario. I guess the question to ask is, which perspective ultimately makes you feel better?

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you spend time complaining. Now, how does that compare to when you appreciate life, when you look on the bright side? Or at least, when you focus on the positive.

Seeing the good in life feels a whole lot different than focusing on the bad in life. Try it for a moment. Focus on something that you don’t like for a few minutes. How does that feel physically? Emotionally? Also, what are the lingering affects if those sentiments are continually rehashed?

How does it feel to think about what you like and enjoy about life? What are the repercussions of keeping these things in mind?

Today, as I write, is a day one can easily complain about. It is -28 degrees this morning! Wow, it is cold out! So from here, I can go in multiple directions. I can be upset that I am stuck inside. It would be easy for me to complain about all that I could be doing, but can’t due to the extreme weather conditions.

Or, I can look at the beautiful white snow out my window and feel very grateful for my home. My warm, heated, cozy home with indoor plumbing, blankets, and a water heater too. This perspective feels much better. It exemplifies a feeling of gratitude.

Sometimes we have to look a bit harder to see the good in life. Complaining is rather easy. It is often a habit too. Here is a challenge for you. When you find a negative perspective coming on today, whisk it away with some form of gratitude. Keep it going for another day if you can, and so on—allow gratitude to replace complaining whenever you can.

We are grateful for our patients and that we can be of service to them. We want you to have a positive perspective about visiting the dentist. Come to The Toothery so you can experience dentistry in a positive way…we have heat, comfy chairs, knowledgeable and friendly staff, a coffee bar, Netflix, comfort dogs and much more! We will make you feel good in our care.