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We move through our days active both in body and mind. Often, to make for a better existence and to be more efficient, we look for ways to make life less complicated when possible. Whether we are doing chores at home, running errands, completing tasks at school or work, or even planning a fun day, we hopefully aspire for the path of least resistance. Now this certainly doesn’t mean that we achieve it every time, but it is the goal for most people.

Breaking Habits and Recognition

Ironically, sometimes we forget to look for a better way. Humans are very resilient and habitual, so this too keeps us from recognizing how we can simplify our life. Plus, there are times that the simpler solution is right in front of us, and it goes totally unnoticed as well.

As you know, we get used to life as is, even if it is rather challenging and chaotic at times. One can liken it to an old pair of gym shoes that seem perfectly fine. Until then, we try on a new pair and realize the new shoes are far more supportive and comfortable. The worn down soles went unnoticed till we felt the thicker cushioning of the new ones.

Decide and Engage the Path

Often, we can lessen our load, make life less complicated and stressful if we make a point to do it. If we decide that it is important to us, and then start taking the actions both in body and mind to do it. Assessing our lives by taking time to reflect on what is happening within our lives and admitting where we can make some improvements is where it all begins.

The rest of the process will flow from there. If we have a mindset that we are willing to create a less complicated, more peaceful life, we open the door to a better life!

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