Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2021

As the holiday approaches, it is a time for reflection, and we are so grateful and thankful for so much!

You, our patients, are most certainly at the top of the list. You enable us to be a thriving dental practice.

You enable us to do what is truly important to us. You trust us and allow us to be of service to you and your loved ones. It is an honor to be one of your healthcare providers.

We are thankful for the opportunities you bring us and for the relationships that we have with you. We appreciate you.

We are very fortunate to have a staff that cares and works hard. A team that flows and puts patients first. A staff that truly desires to do their best every day for each other and our patients.

We all have families that we treasure and hold dear to us (furry and human). We are all so very thankful for our dear friends too.

Sharing a big, delicious feast on Thanksgiving Day and celebrating what we all have in our lives is extremely sacred. However, the most important aspect of life to be thankful for is the people in our lives. The lives we touch, those that touch us, the smiles we encounter and share, the small moments that warm our hearts. These small moments come day in and day out, all year long. We are extraordinarily grateful for these moments. It is these moments that make up our lives.

You, our patients, make up these moments along with family, friends, coworkers and other people. We are so very thankful for all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!