Wrap it up with a bow!

November 10, 2021

As you know, the year is coming to a closing. Only a month and a half left in 2021. What do you need to get done before the year is over? Have you left some loose ends or forgotten to get some important things done by year end? Well, you still have time!

Close the year in an energized, proactive way ̶ wrap it up with a bow. Get some of the things that you really wanted to do, done. It will give you a clean slate for the start of 2019.

Dig in and organize the mess or messes that you keep pushing aside. Seriously, take time to make your living space all pretty and nice. Take some time for fun stuff that you really want to do too.

Get in all your yearly doctor and dentist appointments too. There is time. Get it off your list and breathe a little bit lighter. Your body will thank you for it!

Have you been meaning to reach out to some friends and family, do it. It is the holiday season, make time for those you love. It will be appreciated by everyone. Got to get some things off your chest? Express some heartfelt concerns and or sentiments…do it. Talk to your loved ones, tell them how much you care.

Wrap up the year in a big, beautiful bow. Do those things, express those words, gather with loved ones, and get your act together to hit that high note before we ring in 2022. Make the end of 2021 productive, energizing and meaningful. You do have time!