Healthy snacking is for kids and adults!

November 10, 2021

Everyone should eat healthy. At least try to whenever possible. Our bodies are dependent on what we eat and drink. If we don’t get what we need, it will be reflected somewhere in our bodies. Of course it could be as simple as feeling run down or contribute to more serious issues such as heart disease over time. People sometimes forget that snacking can be a healthy component to building a stronger body including your teeth too.

One of the obstacles in the way of healthy snacking is having the proper food on hand. Right? So it is key to have healthy options in your pantry and refrigerator. Fruit and veggies have a limited shelf life and may require some prepping so plan accordingly.

Switching things up a bit can add up to more nutrition without compromising what you enjoy. For example, try using a yogurt based dip instead of a higher fat version. Here are some more easy swaps: choose darker chocolate over milk chocolate to lower sugar consumption; reach for Greek yogurt because it has more protein that regular yogurt; eat baked chips that have less fat than typical chips; try adding peanut butter to your apple slices or oatmeal for additional protein.

Often it is about being a little smarter. Taking the time to think about how you can tweak what you eat to make it healthier. Instead of a candy bar for a pick me up, find a healthy granola bar or protein bar that suites your taste.

Also, reading food labels is a must. Pay attention to sugar, sodium, fat and protein content, etc. You might be surprised by what you learn. Unfortunately, statements on food products can mislead us into thinking something is better for us than it really is. For instance, often when fat content is lowered on some food products, sugar content then is higher. A food product may list that it has lots of protein, however, it may have lots of sugar too.

At the end of the day, it is about planning and learning, swapping one thing for another, and being prepared. Even more important, your body will be healthier (your teeth too) and thank you for doing so by running longer, stronger and more efficiently. Use snacking to build a better you!