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Mothers Day Blog

May 7, 2021

Hey Moms, Happy Mother’s Day from The Toothery!

You deserve a spectacular day! You are always taking loving care of your family and you should be celebrated.

Moms do a great job keeping their families happy and healthy, but often don’t do enough for themselves. Self-care is something many Moms put off or even forget about. They make sure their kids visit the dentist regularly, but may not go as often themselves.

We want to remind you that you deserve a happy, healthy smile, too. More than anything, we want you to know that you really matter and should think of yourself when it comes to your family’s health and happiness. Your family wants to see your big beautiful smile for a lifetime! Get to your dentist for a cleaning and exam if you are due. We sure would love to see you at our office too! We will give you the special TLC you deserve. Happy Mom, Happy Home!

Happy Mother’s Day!